EverSweett 3-in-1

White Coffee Oat & Cereal Chocolate Malt
Oat & Cereal

Start your day with Sugar-free 3-in-1 oat & cereal that is suitable for diabetics

You need not miss out on your favourite oat and cereal drink and its goodness anymore.

EverSweett Sugar-free 3-in-1 Oat and Cereal (Vanilla) drink is sweetened with an all-natural extract from the sweetest part of Stevia leaf. EverSweett all-natural sweetener gives the taste of sweetness without compromising your health. It's safe and without side-effects.

Our specially selected oats and cereals will give you the goodness you expect from an oat and cereal drink.

EverSweett sweetness does not have the same sweetness as cane sugar and its taste is easily acquired. If you are diabetic or pre-diabetic with high blood sugar, EverSweett Sugar-free 3-in-1 beverages is a highly recommended product for you.

EverSweett Sugar-free 3-in-1 beverages come in 2 other great tasting variants-White Coffee and Chocolate Malt.

Give it a try today! Bring sweetness back into your life.

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