About Stevia

Pertinent questions on what is EverSweett and Stevia leaf.

All about Stevia

The stevia plant is a perennial shrub that belongs to the chrysanthemum plant family. It has been cultivated by the Guarani Indians in Paraguay for centuries to sweeten their teas. The sweetness from the Stevia leaf comes from a naturally occurring compound called glycosides. It is now also cultivated in lots of countries like Paraguay, Brazil, China and Japan. In fact, the Koreans and Japanese are the largest users of Stevia.

What does EverSweett taste like?

EverSweett carries the clean sweetness that comes from the Stevia leaf. Stevia leaf is about 200 times sweeter than cane sugar. We have been tasting cane sugar since the day we were born. Therefore it is the gold standard of sweetness. All other sweeteners, natural or artificial will not taste as good as cane sugar. EverSweett sweetness does not have the same sweetness as cane sugar and its taste is easily acquired.